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About Me, Jeff Anderson

Jeff Anderson  
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I'm an user experience professional with over 10 years building innovate products and services for companies such as Coca-Cola, Yahoo!, Motorola, HP, Comcast, Adobe, Samsung, LG, and Palm Inc. to name a few. I specialize in using animation and motion graphics to create/enhance experiences and help clients/teams visualize their products. I enjoy creating interactive solutions that solve complex problems, and believe that simple interaction must be accompanied by a strong visual to achieve great design.

My Approach
My approach to design is quite unique. I've been both an interaction designer and a visual designer. I've documented numerous applications and systems through interaction flows or diagrams, and have drawn thousands of screen layouts, UI elements, and icons. My strength is in blending these two disciplines together through motion.

I'm not just an animator. I use animation tools to communicate innovative, often complex designs and interactions. Iv'e built vision demos that have served many different functions. There have been times where a prototype has served as an interaction document. Other times they have ben used to communicate a vision to executive or engineering teams. I've created demos used to save troubled client relationships, win new clients or partnerships, and unveil products to the world. And I look a lot cooler in that picture than I do in real life.